Annet Simons

Annet Simons 2018Annet Simons studied biology and received her PhD from the Radboud University Nijmegen in 1999, where she studied complex (cyto)genetic abnormalities in human solid tumors. Subsequently, Annet has received the degree of Clinical Laboratory Geneticist (Genome Diagnostics) in 2006 and is working as such since then in the oncogenetic diagnostics team. She is specialized in (cyto)genetic diagnostics (karyotyping, FISH and microarray-based genomic profiling) of hematological malignancies as well as in genetic diagnostics of hereditary cancers and immune deficiencies (Sanger sequencing and next generation sequencing techniques). Next to these routine diagnostic tasks she is actively involved in improving genetic diagnostics and introducing new technologies in cancer genetics.
Annet is a member of the international standing committee for cytogenetic nomenclature (ISCN, international system for cytogenetic nomenclature).

Our team

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Ms. Helger Yntema, PhD Head Genome Diagnostics, clinical laboratory geneticist
Marcel Nelen, PhD Deputy head Genome Diagnostics, Head team Core Genome Analysis Laboratory, clinical laboratory geneticist
Erik-Jan Kamsteeg, PhD Head team Muscular, Neurological, Renal & Sensory disorders, clinical laboratory geneticist
Dominique Smeets, PhD Head team Fertility & Pregnancy, clinical laboratory geneticist
Ms. Nicole de Leeuw, PhD Head team Intellectual Disability, Multiple Congenital Abnormalities & Endocrine disorders, clinical laboratory geneticist
Ms. Marjolijn Ligtenberg, PhD Head team Laboratory Tumor Genetics, associate professor Tumor Genetics, clinical laboratory geneticist
Lisenka Vissers, PhD Head team Translational Genomics, molecular geneticist
Hans Scheffer, PhD Associate professor clinical molecular genetics, clinical laboratory geneticist
Ms. Brigitte Faas, PhD Clinical laboratory geneticist
Rolph Pfundt, PhD Clinical laboratory geneticist
Ms. Marian Stevens-Kroef, PhD Clinical laboratory geneticist
Ms. Annet Simons, PhD Clinical laboratory geneticist
Arjen Mensenkamp, PhD Clinical laboratory geneticist
Ms. Daniel Olde Weghuis, PhD Clinical cytogeneticist
Ms. Tuula Rinne, PhD Clinical laboratory geneticist
Ms. Dorien Lugtenberg, PhD Clinical laboratory geneticist
Christian Gilissen, PhD Bioinformatician
Ms. Kornelia Neveling, PhD Molecular geneticist