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How to order

For ordering the diagnostic service of your interest and for our current prices, follow these steps:

  • Request form:
    By clicking on the order button above you will be redirected to our Radboudumc ordering website. Complete a request, download and print the generated form (pdf), and, if needed, manually add missing information of your patient (e.g. information of the family tree). For more information about how to order please see our manual.
  • Payment:
    The following methods of payment are accepted; Wire transfer, checks or PayPal. When using PayPal as payment method, please use info@gdnm.nl as e-mail address. A pre-payment might be required in some cases. If this applies to your case you will be notified.
  • Results:
    A final report is sent out via regular mail as soon as all the test results have been obtained and are interpreted.




  • Preferably: EDTA blood (2x10 ml EDTA in plastic unbreakable tubes)
  • Neonate EDTA blood (at least 3 ml) / Heparin blood (at least 1-2 ml)
  • Extracted DNA (at least 10 microgram)

Please mark each tube with the patient’s name, date of birth and gender.

Ship samples at room temperature (do not freeze blood samples!).

If other material than blood (incl. DNA) is used, the handling time may be longer than indicated.

Samples should arrive in our lab within 4-5 days after withdrawal.