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Solving the genetic puzzle of your patients

"High quality diagnostics of genetic disorders"

July 2017, Nijmegen.

Genome Diagnostics Nijmegen has recently introduced a new electronic request system at the Radboudumc website.

Via the new electronic request system you can obtain information per test (turnaround times and prices), order your diagnostic tests and download your completed request form.

See this link for all information and for ordering tests: https://order.radboudumc.nl/en/genetics.

An improved search function is available in this system and tests can be viewed per condition or per service:

  • For tests per condition (listed by disorder) click here
  • For tests per service click here
For questions and feedback on the new system you can contact us via info@genomediagnosticsnijmegen.nl

Contact information

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    Genome Diagnostics Nijmegen Maastricht
    Department of Human Genetics
    Radboud university medical center
    Geert Grooteplein Zuid 10
    6525 GA Nijmegen
    The Netherlands